According to the Superior Telegram " lack of supplies, known as 'period poverty,' keeps 1 in 5 students home during menstruation." This could be devastating for students to miss this much school every month and a source of embarrassment for many girls.

The students will find the free feminine products in all the restrooms in the school. Initially the products were going to be placed in a machine, but it was decided to have them out in a basket for girls to take. This method has proven to be successful at schools in LaCrosse and funds can be put solely towards product versus the extra expense of the machine.

Currently the schools do have a free supply of menstrual products in the nurses office, but this way offers students more privacy and they can ask to just be excused to go use the bathroom versus having to go to the nurses office. Hopefully more schools will get on board with this idea! This can be a tough thing to deal with as a young adult, and I know this will give many girls peace of mind when they go to school.


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