With Spring (and nice weather) comes time to clean out your stuff. As with everything, this comes with some risks.

The Superior Police Department is now warning residents about some of those risks. According to their post, using sites like Craiglist to sell your unwanted stuff can mean big opportunities for criminals.

Here are some of the tips you can use to stay safe:

  • Be aware of what you are buying. Even if something sounds like a good deal and you want to cash in on it, it could mean it's a scam. Save yourself money in the long run and don't buy something expensive that is being sold for cheap. It's probably too good to be true.
  • Never invite someone to your home to make an exchange. Only meet them in the daylight, in public and in a well-lit area.
  • Do not give a seller your personal information, debit card number, etc. Do not pay in alternative forms of payment either, like gift cards, etc.

While this all may seem like common sense, it is easy to let our walls fall and see the good in people. When it comes to spring cleaning, use caution.

There always seems to be some sort of scam going across the Northland. Don't become a victim of one.

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