According to a Press Release from the City of Duluth, the massive undertaking of the Phase 1 reconstruction on Superior Street in Downtown Duluth is moving forward with the removal of a 100 year old steam heating system which is set to start on Wednesday May 23rd.

I remember when I first moved to Duluth it was the end of December and I was crawling down a snow covered Lake Avenue and I saw what I thought was smoke billowing from the street. I had no idea what was going on as I drove by the man hole cover from where the smoke which was actually steam was pouring out of. I asked one of my co workers what was going on and with a hearty laugh they explained it was steam.

These ancient pipes that have been in use for 100 years contain asbestos, so the removal of the pipes will be performed by a    licensed asbestos abatement contractor and environmental monitoring will be performed to ensure worker and public safety. Signs will be placed at the sight to alert the public that asbestos abatement is occurring and to mark off the work zone. The public is asked to cooperate by staying in the marked pedestrian zones and out of the blocked off work zones is greatly appreciated. Access to local businesses will be maintained while the work is being performed.

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