An adorable black bear cub decided to take things into their own hands when out on the Voyageurs Wolf Project trail camera in Ely Minnesota sometime between early September and late October of this year.

Thanks to social media the Voyeaugers Wold Project has been able to share some fascinating footage over the years which definitely helps their research but also gives the general public a close-up view of this beautiful area of Minnesota and all the wildlife that abounds in that area.

Although the primary area of study for this trail camera is the study of the many different types of wolves in the area, we are often treated to sights like this. According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, there are roughly 12,000-15,000 black bears in the state of Minnesota that are mainly found in the northern third of the state of Minnesota that we all know way too well as living in the Northland.

Black bears mate from May through July and cubs are usually born in January while the mother is in her den. In Minnesota, most bears often give birth to around three cubs and are generally around 3 pounds when they are first born. They generally leave the den around April and stay with their mom for around 17 months.

Of course, anyone who happens upon a momma bear and her cubs hopefully know better to stay away and let them be or be prepared to deal with the wrath of a mother protecting her cubs. This video shows the beauty of an area where these bears can roam freely away from humans and traffic and just be bears. Unless a trail camera needs adjusting.

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