Taco Bell had to recall a massive amount of seasoned beef after 3 different customers complained of metal shreds found in their food. 2.3 million pounds of beef were recalled and destroyed  affecting Taco Bells in 21 states including the Midwest, Northern Southeast and Northeast Regions of the country. Taco Bell said all of the beef had been removed as of yesterday (October 14th).

Julie Masino, Taco Bell North America President said in a statement. "As soon as we received the first consumer complaint, we immediately acted to remove the product from the affected restaurants and proactively worked with the supplier to inform the USDA of our steps to protect our guests."

Taco Bell said the beef was produced all at one particular plant and the USDA said there have been no adverse reactions reported with the contamination. " The USDA remains concerned that customers might have taken contaminated food home and put it in their refrigerator or freezer. Customers who have food with seasoned beef from Taco Bell in the regions above are urged to throw the food out."

Customers with questions can call 1-800-TACOBELL (1-800-822-6235) Monday through Friday 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. Eastern Time. For more on this story click here.



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