Do You Really Know What The Macarena is Really About?
This very popular dance song came out in 1992, but the version you're most familiar with is the remixed version released in 1996 with English lyrics. While it's a fun-sounding dance song; now that I've looked at the lyrics, the Macarena doesn't seem as 'feel good' anymo…
Ian's 90's Time Machine:1995 [VIDEO]
Every week day during 90's at noon we're jumping in the time time machine for a look back on memorable events that happened. Today we went to the year 1995 to reminisce on a popular comedy, a book series at a number one hit song.
Top 10 Cheesiest Music Videos of the 90’s
The 1980's brought music videos into the world, but the 1990s is when music videos exploded into pop culture. With the hundreds of memorable videos that were released through the 90s, these are ten of the cheesiest and goofiest videos that come to mind. Son

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