We teamed up with How Sweet It Is to bring you a Mixed Up 90's at Noon lunch hour. Every weekday you'll have a chance to win a $10 gift card. 

Every weekday while How Sweet It Is, is mixing up delicious deli sandwiches, I'm mixing up all your favorites from the 90's. When you hear my mix-up song (could be sped up, slowed down, or even played in reverse) be the first to call in (218-740-2649) and correctly guess it and I'll hook you up with a $10 gift card from How Sweet It Is located in The Holiday Center on the second floor.

It's a build your own deli sandwich with eight different meats to choose from, cheeses, bread and a whole lot of veggies. What sets How Sweet It Is apart from other sandwich shops is their fresh homemade bread with choices like cranberry wild rice, hellfire, my personal favorite 3 cheese garlic and more! You can see the full menu here.

The best part, every winner will get put into a drawing to have a free lunch with me on fridays! There's additional entries that you can enter online too. So be listening every weekday for your chance to win with How Sweet It Is and MIX108.