In doing these outdoor lunch spot videos I have sure found some great little hideaway places that I had never been too before. Whether you are taking a break from your busy workday, or just looking for a quiet place to have a snack and read a good book, everyone of the places I have been at so far would work.

Today I ventured over the bridge to Billings Park . A quick right off Tower Avenue onto 21st street and over a small bridge places you in Billings Park which is lined with big mature trees, perfectly manicured lawns and a truly beautiful suburban setting in the city.

Before we set up the picnic lunch we stopped off at the Denfeld location of Whole Foods Co-OP, where Justin from the Deli had all our food prepared and ready to go. As I have said through my segments all summer long, everything from the deli tastes so flavorful and fresh, along with a huge variety of options. If you would like to know more about my delicious lunch and Billings Park check out the video below.

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