Ready to relive your childhood or have your kids live the same 90's dream you did? You're in luck because the digital pocket pet is back for it's 20th anniversary. 

This was easily the toy to have while I was growing up. If you didn't have a Tamagotchi in my elementary school, you weren't cool. I remember begging my parents for one, and then on Christmas morning I got a baby dinosaur Tamagotchi that I cherished over the next few months.

Check out the Japanese ad:

Like every fad it came and went, but man oh man was it cool to say I raised a baby dinosaur. It was easy for the parents because you had to give the proper amount of food, play time, and TLC without it being an actual animal.

The only sad news, the Tamagotchi is currently only available in Japan. However, they are available on Amazon Japan. Are you ready for the resurgence of the Tamagotchi? Let me know what you think of them bringing back the digital pet in the comments below.

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