AT&T Plans to Join Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint in Selling Your Browsing History, Location, And More To Advertisers – Here’s How to Opt Out
While it isn't as bad as the PRISM tracking that made news a few weeks ago, cell phone carriers are tracking your moves and looking to make money off this information. Most of the major carriers have been doing this for some time, and AT&T has plans to join the party. Learn how to stop the tracking and avoid having your information being sold.
The Breathometer is a New Gadget That Will Communicate With Your Smartphone and Let You Know if You’re too Drunk to Drive [VIDEO]
Your smartphone can do a lot of things, but until now the only thing it could do when you were out drinking is facilitate drunk texting or dialing. This is the Breathometer, a device that will tell you if you are legally too drunk to drive, potentially saving your life, someone else's or at the least, give you piece of mind that you are drinking responsibly.
Check Out This Giant QR Code Corn Maze
If you've got a lot of time and a helicopter on your hands, we might have just the thing for you. Allow us to introduce you to the Kraay Family Farm — more importantly, the 13th annual Kraay Family Farm corn maze.

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