Brilliant Meteor Fireball Seen In MN
Most meteors people see from earth's surface are cool to look at, but they usually don't light up the whole sky. A meteor seen this week in Northern Minnesota did just that; grabbing the attention of people from the Brainerd area, well into Canada.
Polar Plunge Live!
On a day that opened with a large meteor explosion over Russia and an asteroid big enough to destroy a city passing between our weather satellites and the planet, humanity is keeping a keen eye on they sky for more. Friday evening (February 15) was capped off with another sighting captured on video in Northern California in the San Francisco area.
Meteor Explosion in Russia
On what seemed like a normal Friday morning in the Chelyabinsk region of South Central Russia, the unexpected happened. A large meteor streaked across the sky, exploding in the atmosphere, and unleashing an intense flash and thunderous explosion. We have a collection of videos from the explosion and updated injury and damage details after the jump.