On a day that opened with a large meteor explosion over Russia and an asteroid big enough to destroy a city passing between our weather satellites and the planet, humanity is keeping a keen eye on they sky for more. Friday evening (February 15) was capped off with another sighting captured on video in Northern California in the San Francisco area. 

Social media lit up Friday evening as people began reporting a brilliant blue object streaking through the sky in Northern California. The object was captured on a dash cam by Youtube user caiden915x, who reported in the comments for the video that the footage was captured while traveling southbound on Interstate 280 just before 8:00 pm local time. The video owner also explained in the comments that the video didn't capture the full intensity witnessed by the people in the car.

While people in the area enjoyed a brilliant visual show, the meteor was nowhere near the intensity of the one over Russia this morning. No explosions or damage were reported for this smaller, run of the mill variety of meteor streaking through the sky. Officials in the area report the last sighting in the San Francisco area of this sort was in October of 2012.

Sights like this can be seen around the world on a regular basis as tons of space debris falls to Earth every day, so one has to wonder how long the internet will be abuzz with videos and tweets about the latest meteor sighting. Being meteors are the subject of the day, and it was seen over a populated area, we figured sharing the info and the video was worthwhile - so sit back and enjoy.

Watch Footage of Meteor Over San Francisco

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