Sampling Kemps' 'Purple Power' Milk
After a strong 2017 regular season, the Minnesota Vikings are being celebrated by Kemps with a special purple milk available for a limited time. We got our hands on some and gave it a try.
Jeanne Milks a Cow
Jeanne and I paid a visit to the farm of one of our coworkers over the weekend, giving us the chance to help out with chores. In the second installment of Jeanne and Cooper visiting the farm, Jeanne gets to milk a cow, something she has never done before.
Man Conducts Experiment to See How Long He Can Live on Wife’s Breast Milk
When Curtis and Katie bought a new house they had to deal with the gallons and gallons of breast milk they had stored in the freezer of their soon-to-be-old home. The milk was there because the couple’s two children had spent time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit after being born, and they had pumped it out of fear that Katie would lose her ability to produce milk in the absence of a baby to fe
It Doesn’t Always Do a Body Good! Drunk Woman Sprays Cops With Breast Milk
Police responding to a call that an inebriated Ohio woman had assaulted her husband came under a very unique form of fire. The cops found Stephanie Robinette, who had been attending a wedding celebration, locked in her car.  When they tried to apprehend the 30-year old, she warned them she was a breast feeding mother. Then she removed her right breast from her dress and began spraying fresh milk a