After a strong 2017 regular season, the Minnesota Vikings are being celebrated by Kemps with a special purple milk available for a limited time. We got our hands on some and gave it a try.

Kemps, which is a Minnesota-based company that provides more than 60% of the milk consumed in the state, is celebrating the team's success with this special drink. Rachel Kyllo, Senior Vice President of Growth and Innovation for Kemps, explains that Minnesota is home to hundreds of local dairy farms and dairy industry employees, saying "we know firsthand how passionate the hometown fans are".

The vanilla-flavored purple milk is being produced at the Rochester milk manufacturing facility and is being distributed statewide for a limited time. In the Duluth area, the 'Purple Power' milk is being sold at Super One, Cub Foods, and Target.

You can see our full review of the milk in the video above, but this purple drink would be a fun addition to any breakfast cereal or as a colorful and tasty beverage to add to any meal or snack.

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