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Best News Bloopers of 2012: The Ultimate Mashup [VIDEO]
Whether it's a reporter not realizing they're on camera, anchors making fools of themselves, or a weather person gone crazy; everyone loves a good news blooper. The past year has had its share of hilarious TV news moments, many of which we've shared through the year. Relive …
Bird Poops on Anchor During Live Broadcast [VIDEO]
Living in the Twin Ports we are all accustomed to the mess that the seagulls can leave on our cars and us sometimes. This anchorman got nailed by a bird who pooped on him during a broadcast after the San Fransisco Giants won the World Series.The bird must have been a Tigers Fan. :)
Justin Bieber Blooper During Newscast [VIDEO]
I'm always a big fan of news bloopers.
If something funny is said while live, it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to regain composure and pull through.
Thankfully, these anchors didn't have to move on to a serious story.  They just moved to the end of the show...
Anchorwoman Arachnophobia News Blooper [VIDEO]
For someone who has a severe fear of spiders, this is the ultimate prank that eventually leads into a great newscast blooper.
From a TV News station WRDW in Augusta, Georgia, a story about a spider on a shuttle cam (which is quite humorous in itself,) turns into a prank on the morning show anchors...

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