AJ Clemente is the news anchor in North Dakota who, on his first night on the air, said two of the worst words any broadcaster could say live while on air  and he paid the ultimate price for it, his job. But now that  AJ is free to look for another job, a movement is underway to get this rookie broadcaster to the Twin Ports.

Daniel Golden started a petition to bring the ashamed anchor to the Northland's NewsCenter, I reached out to Golden on Facebook and he told me, "This guy has been the viral video darling for the last few days just because he had a little verbal diarrhea during his first few seconds on the air. Here in the Duluth we seem to champion people like this, from Julie Pierce and her "thousand foot sh*tter" flub, and a former mayor who pronounced "epitome" as "EP-I-TOME" in his farewell speech. I figured why not cut this guy a break and bring him here where he belongs. I doubt the petition will go anywhere, though. So far the number of signatures is at 1 (mine)."

I know there has been some shuffling of talent at the NNC lately, so they may have an opening for a young, hungry and sometimes potty mouth anchor on the NNC team.