Two Harbors Statue Loses Arm
On my way to work this morning I saw a few downed trees and thanked my lucky stars that we did not lose power, but an iconic statue in Two Harbors did not fair as well.
What's Up With This Statue?
I've driven by Miller Dwan Rehab building many times in Duluth, and I've seen the artwork statue out in front of the doors.  It wasn't until recently, when I was actually walking out of the building, that I noticed how "real" the statue is.  I mean, holy co…
Beyonce Monument to Be Erected in Houston
Society worships its celebs in 2012 with things like wax figures. But when it comes to Beyonce, wax just won’t do. The singer, mother of Blue Ivy and pride and joy of Houston, Texas is fixing to get her own monument, which will be located in her hometown. Screw the Lincoln Memorial i…
Banned, Well-Endowed Statue to be Re-Erected in France
Because of its hefty you-know-what, the French banned and removed a giant marble statue of Apollo in the 1970s after people began complaining of its indecency.
Now, more than 30 years later, the well-endowed sculpture is being, uh, re-erected smack dab in the middle of the Place Massena in Nice, Fran…