She already pretty much owned 2014, but Taylor Swift had to give us one more amazing moment before the year came to an end.

After she performed live in New York's Times Square for 'Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve,' Taylor almost had an offstage disaster. It could have been devastating or, at the least, terribly embarrassing. Thankfully, it was neither and instead was just another viral-video moment from the '1989' singer.

While descending a metal staircase leading from the stage, Swift slipped and apparently missed a stair or two. Ever the pro, she recovered instantly. She not only landed upright, she broke out a royalty-worthy wave to the scores of fans who witnessed the moment. And then, she charmingly laughed at her own gaffe, throwing her head back and roaring with delight.

This is a woman who takes her own advice and shakes it off! Watch the video of her near-fall here.

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