We all know that teachers play a key role in helping our children succeed, and sometimes a simple “thanks” is all a teacher needs to feel valued.  That, and chocolate, ibuprofen, and earplugs.  But seriously, it's a great reminder to take the time to celebrate teachers and show your appreciation during Teacher Appreciation Week, May 6th-10th!

If you're feeling crafty and have a little extra time this weekend, you can check out more projects than you can even comprehend on Pinterest.

Or maybe you'd do more harm than good with a glue-gun but have baking skills and a pantry like that guy who is always yelling on "Cake Boss."  Grab a mason jar and fill it with ingredients you probably already have (in layers) for a great "Cookie in a Jar" like you can find on Allrecipes.com!

Or maybe you don't have a creative bone in your body, but would love to just buy a gift at the store.  That's cool too--but maybe you can recruit your child to find out where their teacher loves to shop, if they have any favorite restaurants, or if they have any hobbies or interests.  That way you can pick up a gift card and won't have any worries if he or she will love the gift!