A terrifying situation could have been much worse if not for a teenager who sprang into action in February in Northwest Wisconsin.

Rylie Snorek was driving his vehicle while following his friend Caleb Smith to the Webster High School near Danbury, Wisconsin. This was on February 3, 2022 at approximately 6:45 in the morning. Caleb's older Chevy Pickup started on fire and quickly went up in flames.

According to the Burnett County Sentinel, a gasket on the Chevy pickup's return fuel line failed and leaked fuel onto the hot exhaust or engine, causing it to ignite. The gas kept pumping and created a sudden blaze. Caleb wasn't able to get out of the vehicle because the doors froze up. Rylie believes the fire may have fried the electronics.

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Fortunately, Rylie was able to get the door open from the outside and get his friend out before the truck was completely engulfed. By the time the fire department arrived there wasn't much left of the truck.

Ironically Rylie has been a Danbury Fire cadet for the last few years. On the day the incident took place it also happened to be Rylie's birthday! What a crazy twist! It must have been Rylie and his friend's lucky day.

The Danbury Volunteer Fire Department was happy to share the story on their Facebook page and applaud the fire cadet.

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