I am not someone who ever uses nail polish, except on my toes because I have ugly toes and I love wearing my sandals as long as I can, but now I have a new appreciation for the stuff!

At our house we have bags literally of nail polish, I for one cannot stand the smell, so the general rule is please do not apply it when I am home or do it in your room or outside. I know that is awful but that is one smell I can't tolerate. but after reading this article I may have to suck it up and deal.

Here are just a few helpful tips:

1.) Use different colors of nail polish on the top of keys so you know
which is which. Also they recommend using Scotch tape to make a clean

2.) If you love costume jewelry or have inexpensive stuff that turns
your skin, apply some clear polish over it to prevent it from tarnishing.

3.)Need a change with your sunglasses? Instead of going out and buying
new shades grab your favorite color of polish and paint away. Now you have
one of a kind shades all your own.


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