Tis' the season for Ticks and nobody wants to have one of these guys hitching a ride on your skin, so take note of these helpful tips.

Knock on wood I have never gotten a tick of any kind and I am hoping for the streak to continue, but we do check our dogs and cats on a regular basis even though they get tick medicine every month. According to Plunkett's Pest Control here are 10 tips to help you avoid being their next victim.

  1.  Don't Forget the Deet Products
  2.  Do Regular Checks on Yourself and the kids
  3. Stay in the Sun
  4. Keep your Feet on the Trails
  5. Take Care of your Yard, Keep it Clutter Free
  6. Keep Your Grass Cut
  7. Check Your Pets
  8. Cover up when Hiking
  9. Use The Dryer-Will kill most ticks
  10. Build a fence-to keep stray animals out of your yard