The 2012 Presidential Election is shaping up to be a heated race between President Obama and Governor Romney, his challenger. While this race looks to have many jabs and blows in the form of commercials and statements in debates, a new game takes this contentious race to the next level.

The game, titled "Vote!!!", puts Romney and Obama in hand-to-hand combat and you're in control of your favorite candidate in the all-out battle. Epic Games, the same company responsible for mobile games like Infinity Blade, is behind the new political game.

The app works in conjunction with the Rock the Vote campaign to help get people registered to vote and encourage participation in the election process. Links to information from non-partisan websites are also included to help voters get informed on the issues of the campaign and the stance of each candidate. Users can register from within the app, get the latest campaign information, or just do battle as their favorite candidate.

Winning a fight in the game wins votes for your candidate as you proceed through levels in an attempt to win your way into the White House. Various over the top weapons and costumes are available to help your candidate win battles along the way.

While there are legitimate resources to get informed and be active in the political process, the game also offers a satirical look at the political process - pitting the candidates against each other in battles that go beyond the debate floor. If you want to check the game out and do battle as your favorite candidate - or if you want to show your least-favorite candidate what you think of them, you can get the app free from Apple's App Store.

Get the app here.

Watch the Trailer for the iOS Game "Vote"