Last night the 94th Annual Honors night took place as the school celebrated the academic achievements of some of their students. Thanks to the generosity of Denfeld Alumni a very impressive $5.4 millions dollars worth of scholarships were awarded to members of the Senior Class.

Assistant principal Marcia Nelson said to WDIO “We are the number two high school in the entire nation for the number of scholarships that we give to students. The 5.4 million doesn’t even include those who got full-ride scholarships from Yale and from St. Thomas and from Boston College and from all of those places, so that’s really just a portion of what they’re getting to go to school.”

The honors ceremony included the top 10% of the graduating class representing the Honors Court. A King and Queen were crowned and Honor pins were awarded to each student in 9th-12th grade. What an incredible tradition that these very generous Alumni have established over all of these years, and giving these very hard working students the opportunity to continue with their education and possibly be part of the Alumni that will give back as well, down the road.


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