It is a pretty well known fact that some cats have a bit of personality and  this can go in many different directions. Either they can be aloof all the way to very affectionate and loving. From what I have read up on Alana she is somewhere in the middle. She is not opposed to interaction with her humans but does make sure to let them know when she has had enough.

Alana is very sociable but also demands that everyone understand she is the Queen of the household. She does not mind being touched as long as it is on the chin, she hates having her belly rubbed but loves to lay in the sun. Alana is spayed, microchipped, vet checked and updated on all her shots. If you would like to pay her  a visit please ask one of the staff to being her to one of the visitation rooms for you so you can get to know her and let her stretch her legs a bit.

Animal Allies is located at 4006 Airport Road in Duluth. Phone # 218-722-5341 or check out the website.

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