The moment we have all been waiting for officially arrived Tuesday night (November 16th) when the cast of The Bachelorette took the show to Minnesota! If you caught the episode, you already know what I am talking about.

To give you some context, this season's lead is Michelle Young. She was born and raised in Minnesota and still lives there today. She is an elementary school teacher from Edina. She became a fan favorite as a top contender on the last season of The Bachelor.

After being cut while in the top two that season, she was named the new lead of The Bachelorette. We've had to wait awhile for the new season, however, as she wanted to finish out her school year before she started filming.

The new season officially premiered last month and so far, it has had a lot of drama, including quite a bit of drama with someone she knows from Minnesota. What we have all been waiting for more than anything is when the show heads to Minnesota and that time is finally here!

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Prior to the new season premiering, we learned that the cast would be filming in Minnesota for part of the show. They ended up filming for about a month back in August. At the time, details were slim but we did learn of a few venues they would be filming at.

We finally got to see what they were filming in Minnesota when the new episode aired Tuesday. This will be the first of many episodes that take place in Minnesota, which is unusual, considering the show usually whisks the casts off to tropical and international places. Obviously, with the pandemic, they had to improvise.

Minnesota Landmark Number One

The Minnesota references were flowing the entire episode, as Michelle made it clear her dream is to stay in Minnesota and raise a family there. The Minnesota theme was kept alive and well when she took a fellow Minnesotan, Joe Coleman, out for a one-on-one date to a Twins game!

These two have come a long way since the first episode, where Coleman caused quite a stir. Spoiler alert: Michelle slid into his DMs once and he ultimately ghosted her. It wasn't the best first impression but they've clearly patched things up now. Plus, we learned about this date in real time as it was being filmed so we know he wasn't going anywhere!

Minnesota Landmark Number Two

Next we have the group date at U.S. Bank Stadium! Of course, the producers had to play into the Minnesota stereotypes and really gave in to the whole "Vikings" thing. Enough said.

Minnesota Landmark Number Three

And last but not least, our third major Minnesota landmark comes to viewers courtesy of Lake Minnetonka. Michelle takes one of her frontrunners out for a nice boat date, along with some of her closest friends. Nayte truly gets to understand the phrase that is "Minnesota Nice" firsthand. Plus, nothing screams Minnesota quite like taking your date onto a lake.

The show will likely have a handful of episodes that are filmed completely in Minnesota. Like I said, they filmed in Minneapolis for most of August. They all stayed at the Marquette Hotel in downtown Minneapolis and will be going to a local wedding venue at some point during the season!

While they eventually do leave to film at other locations, it will be fun while it lasts.

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