When Randy's closed down, my wife and I were on the search for our next go to breakfast place. Turns out Big Daddy's has more to offer than just burgers.

My buddy Vern told me about how amazing Big Daddy's breakfast is, not to mention the proportions are great for the price. I didn't believe him until today.

Ian Redmond - TSM Duluth
Ian Redmond - TSM Duluth


I got the country fried steak which was out of this world. Never been a big fan of country gravy, but I could honestly bathe in this gravy it's that good. With every bite I kept wanting more and more. There was that nice fried crunch with smooth country gravy that was a mat h made in heaven. When the waitress brought me plate I couldn' believe how much food was on it. My only regret was I couldn' finish it all in one sitting.

They say you learn something new everyday, well today I found out Big Daddy's is more than just a great burger place. They serve breakfast everyday from 6am-11am on Piedont Avenue. I highly recommend the country fried steak. Let me know what your go to breakfast place in the Northland is in the comments.

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