According to the Duluth News Tribune the Carter Hotel at 17 North Second Avenue East in Downtown Duluth will soon be coming down. The Duluth Planning Commission approved a Special Use Permit to allow the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa to remove the building and replace it with an 18 stall parking lot.

The Fond Du Lac band purchased the hotel back in 2010 and initially sought to have it designated as sovereign land like the Fond Du Luth Casino next door. The city of Duluth initially opposed the request but later allowed it  in 2016 when Mayor Emily Larson took office.

The long abandon building has structural issues with it's roof allowing water into the building which has lead to mold in the building that you can smell even out on the street. Committee members from the Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial are happy to see the hotel taken down but did express concerns regarding the retaining wall and memorial being effected during the project.

Mike Murray, who is the project manager for the Fond du Lac Band has said that the band would require the demolition firm it hires to provide a performance bond to cover any unanticipated damage that might occur, despite all possible precautions to be taken to protect the memorial and surrounding area.

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