The city of Duluth and Mayor Emily Larson have come up with a unique way for the citizens of Duluth to give their input about where money should be allocated in the city. The budget you have to work with is only 1,000 of play money but you can make your opinions known about where you feel more money should be spent versus in other areas.

According to Fox 21 Jen Carlson, the city’s budget manager said “It’s critical. We are so excited that we are able to roll this out to the community. We’ve done it at a couple different ways through our actual game as well as the online game so we really are excited for the opportunity to have citizen input and participation.”

The game can be played online or in person at City Hall, so far 600 people have participated. The city intends to use the data from this game to create future budgets of where tax dollars should go based on citizens input. The categories include Infrastructure, Livable neighborhoods and affordable housing, Dynamic and Diverse Economy, Culture and Recreation, Green Space and Energy Conservation, and Safe and Secure Community.


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