I found an awesome website called mewanty.net. Picture the most obscure yet desirable objects you'd ever want to possess. Chances are you can find it on mewanty.net.

Here are just a few of my favorites:
Picnic Pants:












How many times have you sat cross-legged and wished you had some sort of web to hold your stuff? I have plenty of times. That's why I would love the Picnic Pants. Unfortunately, they're just a concept and not available for purchase. I will pre-order mine in red checkered plaid when they're ready.

Full Bottle Wine Glass:












This product doesn't even need an explanation.  And neither will you, after you finish.  I promise myself just "one glass of wine a night."  I know I'm not the only one.

Buddy Bumper Balls:












I have 3 kids.  The oldest two, one of my sons and my only daughter, are two years apart.  I would totally love to use these for those days that sibling rivalry gets heated.  Not that they're violent toward each other or anything.  But if it came down to it, they wouldn't even be able to reach each other!


Bacon Frosting:











I love bacon.  If I decided to become a vegetarian, bacon would be my Achilles heel.

Added bonus: the look on Uncle Frank's face at his 80th birthday party when he takes his first bite!


Steak Button:












I like my steak medium well.  Not a fan of the pink.  My husband is a medium rare guy.  He says the worst part about grilling is that it's harder to tell when my steak is done than his.  Now all he has to do is use the Steak Button!  Genius!!







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