The Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center is celebrating Valentine's week by sharing a treat that everyone loves, ice cream.

The recipient of this 'Share The Love' initiative from the DECC is the Duluth Fire Department, they got 25 three-gallon tubs of ice cream earlier this week. The ice cream is some leftover food that they need to get rid of to make space in the freezers for upcoming deliveries.

Roger Reinert, the DECC's Interim Executive Director says, "On Valentine’s Day week, this was a great time to share our Duluth firefighters some love." I'm sure they will enjoy the cool treat after fighting a hot fire.

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“This was not at all expected, but appreciated. We acknowledge that the DECC is going through a tough time, and we look forward to celebrating with them when things turn the corner. We have always had a good relationship with the DECC, and again really appreciate them recognizing the work we do by providing this sweet treat,” said Deputy Chief Jon Otis.

This isn't the first time that the DECC has made a substantial food donation to a local organization, earlier this month they donated 4,186 pounds of frozen food to CHUM. CHUM’s Director of Distributed Services, Scott Van Daele said, “There are hungry people in the community and region, and we appreciate when we are able to partner with organizations like the DECC to continually support those in need.”

Also, in October of last year, the DECC donated enough food to equal about 672 meals to Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank. On average the DECC donates enough food each yeer to Second harvest to provide 15,000 meals.

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