The Downtown Clean and Safe Team has been extra busy these past few weeks trying to make sure the community is kept safe during this pandemic. Like many places the crew is comprised of a smaller workforce than usual, but the employees that remain realize just how serious their job is sanitizing the most commonly touched things in downtown Duluth.

The crew normally makes sure that the roads and sidewalks are gleaming, which they are still doing but sanitizing and disinfecting everything has become part of the job as well. Several times each day they are walking up and down Superior Street wiping down crosswalk buttons, parking pay stations, and mailboxes.

The team’s Operations Manager Scott Jenkins said to FOX21 "I also think seeing us out still working making sure we are disinfecting for people who have to be out or choose to be out for whatever purpose is reassuring. I also think that is reassuring that there’s still someone looking out for them.”

The Clean And Safe Team has vowed to continue to disinfect these same items more regularly after the Pandemic is over. On behalf of myself and the entire community Thank You to all of you for the hard work you do behind the scenes to not only keep downtown clean but safer for everyone!

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