The NorthShore Inline Marathon (NSIM) announced today that:  "the finish line for all September 15, 2018 events will be moved back along the course by approximately 900 feet. Due to ongoing construction by the City of Duluth on the Minnesota Slip and seawall, it would be a threat to athlete safety to maintain the historic finish line adjacent to the William A. Irvin on Harbor Drive. The finish line for the 23rd Annual NorthShore Inline Marathon will be on the bay side of the DECC, adjacent to the 10-minute parking lot outside of the DECC Symphony Hall entrance."

Photo: Northshore Inline Marathon
Photo: Northshore Inline Marathon

After inspecting the pavement of the last 500 feet of the course The NorthShore Inline Marathon staff and board of directors, along with DECC staff and City of Duluth engineers all agreed that after months of heavy machinery being used on the pavement in that area the road would pose a risk to the athletes safety.

NSIM Race Director Mike Ward stated:  “We were lucky to be able to act quickly and make modifications. The seawall project has been an added complication for many events in Duluth and it’s no different for us, despite having our fingers crossed that the road would be open. The bigger concern for us is definitely the chewed up concrete for skaters. Thanks to the DECC staff and City of Duluth for promptly working with us, we’ve been able to find a solution to uphold our reputation as one of the top inline skating races in the world,”

The Race Expo will also be moved from North Pioneer Hall to the DECC Arena. The public is welcome to spectate along the course and at the finish line on the bay side of the DECC.

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