UPDATE (2/18/20)  The exclusive Green Bay Packers NFC North Champions M&M's Box set is sold out. But you can special order your own M&M''s here. 

ORIGINAL STORY (2/14/20) For all the Vikings Fans who have maybe taken a peek at this blog, don't worry I am sure the folks at M&M's will make Vikings candy at some point too. It is pretty common knowledge that Packers fans can be pretty fanatical, and so this seems like a complete win to your Packers memorabilia and it is tasty too.

For a limited time you can purchase as a gift or for yourself this exclusive Green Bay Packers NFC North Champions box filled to the brim with 1 pound of green, gold and white M&M's. Even though the season is over for now when it comes to Packer Fans it does not matter what time of the year it is.

The boxes are really reasonable too only $7.99 each so you can stock up. To order click here.  Maybe next year it will be a Superbowl edition of Packers M&M's. O,k, for all you Vikings fans still reading this or maybe it will be a Vikings Superbowl edition? Hey why is everybody laughing??

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