It is that time of year again for the men's basketball championship tournament and you could win big. If you are able to predict the winner of 60 or more games you win $10,000. If you predict the winners of every bracket in the tournament you win $1,000,000! The tournament starts today so get your first round brackets filled out!

Now I am no expert when it comes to sports, but I really enjoy being a part of the bracket challenge each year. I am surrounded by almost all guys on the air staff and they are all pretty big sports fans. They love to talk players, teams, statistics etc.and to be honest with you I love showing up the guys when I make the right guesses. And believe me when I say it is a guess.

I always tend to go for the underdogs, but of course with a tournament like this it is usually a safe bet to go for the teams that you know have done well in the past. This is all about having fun with maybe a healthy dose of competition between family and co workers. By the way I predict Kansas will win it all. Play against the Mix 108 staff, even though we can't win it is still fun to make our predictions.

It is free to play, just take a minute to get signed up on our website. Make sure to keep checking your brackets and fill them out to win! For more information and to play the bracket challenge CLICK HERE

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