If you ever get a chance to visit the MIX 108 studios, you'll notice how much of a zoo it can be at  times. So it got me thinking if we were actually zoo animals, what would we be?

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    Orangutan - Jeanne Ryan

    I was trying to think about what type of animal would enjoy popping bubble wrap because you'll usually find bubble wrap near Jeanne's desk for her enjoyment. I think an orangutan or a monkey would fit Jeanne's personality the best for their playful, fun nature (and Jeanne often has the same look on her face at 6am).

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    Badger - Nick Cooper

    Being the only single person on the MIX 108 staff, Nick Cooper is the badger in our zoo. Some badgers are known as solitary animals and are active at night, Nick is a private dude and despite his early morning antics with Jeanne, he's a nocturnal creature.

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    Ian - The Walrus

    Ian and the Walrus, no it isn't some new hipster band, it's our next comparison in the MIX 108 zoo. They are both very social animals and like to "establish dominance through threat displays involving tusks, bodies, and aggression." You should see Ian's tusks.

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    Tony Hart - Elephant

    It was too easy to make myself "Tony The Tiger," so what animal is big, loves family and often shows a range of emotions? Yes, the elephant. Elephants make strong family bonds and live in a herd; they can also show a range of emotions, like happiness, anger, and playfulness, and so can I on any given day.

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