I feel like 2017 came and went so fast. Check out the most viewed YouTube videos in or about Duluth that were made in 2017.


  • 10

    Minnesota Section 7AA Finals Over-time Thriller (7,308 Views)

  • 9

    Paul R Tregurtha Arriving In Duluth (7,551 Views)

    Like every year the Paul R Tergurtha making a grand entrance in Duluth

  • 8

    Left 4 Dead 2: Left 4 Duluth 2017 (8,623 Views)

  • 7

    Visit Duluth Couples Commercial (8,805 Views)

    A Visit Duluth commercial highlighting Duluth in the summer with couples made the list. as the saying goes, "Duluth was made for lovers". Pretty sure that's a legit saying.

  • 6

    Paul R Tregurtha making a 360 Turn (13,248 Views)

  • 5

    Thomas The Train Made A Stop In Duluth (13,403 Views)

    Thomas the Train is always a hit when it comes to the North Shore Scenic Railroad

  • 4

    2017 NCAA Hockey Championship Game Denver vs Minnesota Duluth (13,641 Views)

    Back in April, Denver defeated our beloved UMD Bulldogs in the NCAA Championship 3-2. The entire game can be viewed on YouTube.

  • 3

    Duluth Lakewalk Damaged By October Storm (15,229 Views)

  • 2

    Down Hill Ice Skating In Duluth's Lester Park (17,409 Views)

  • 1

    Largest Ship on the Great Lakes Coming into Icy Duluth (70, 150 Views)

    The Paul R Tregurtha once again arriving in the icy coldness of Duluth. This video gives some different views of the large ship coming into the Harbor.

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