It is the start of a new School year, Parents and kids alike are excited for the year ahead. O.K. some kids are excited.  :) I just wanted to take the time to say hat's off to all the people behind the new Lester Park School in Duluth.

For those of you that don't know Lester Park School was one of the oldest schools in the city and was very small. Yes it had character, and great memories for many , including our kids, but it was time to move forward. Bringing our 5th grader to her open house on Tuesday night, I must say I was very impressed. The halls are bright and wide, big huge gym, computer lab with all new desktops all in a row, and each classroom has a Smart board to assist the kids with hands on learning. I understand the teachers and all the staff are the backbone to a great education, but I am so happy to see our future generations of kids in this area will have all the opportunities to have a great  school experience.