Not as if Packer fans have enough to worry about before the start of training camp with their future Hall of Fame quarterback, now this news about their number one receiver.

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport is reporting that contract extension talks between Adams and the team have come to a halt, he reports that earlier this week the two sides "could not move forward together...the situation between Davante Adams and the team is not good."

Rapoport is saying that Adams wants to be the highest paid receiver in the NFL, which means he would need to make more than Arizona's DeAndre Hopkins, who makes $22 million a season. Adams currently makes an average of $14 million a season under his current deal, which is up at the end of this season.

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Even with the uncertainty around the Rodgers situation, talks continued for some time between Adams and the team until they didn't earlier this week. So, what happened, and what's going to happen? Adams would become a free agent after this season if a deal with the Packers isn't reached, so does the team trade him now knowing that they won't be able to make a deal with him? Or do they let a disgruntled Adams stick around all season and play?

The Packers start training camp next week, with the first public practice scheduled for Wednesday, all eyes in the NFL world will be on Green Bay to watch both of these storylines.

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