The 2012 Election is only a matter of hours away, which means only one thing - an end to all of those aggressive political ads! Well, that and the fact we'll be electing new leaders. Among the decisions we'll be voting on this season is one about who should be the next President of the United States. Whether you've already decided who is getting your vote or you're undecided  one study claims the type of alcohol you most frequently enjoy says a lot about who you will vote for. 

The information comes from a social media program called Trendsetter made a social and online media company named Engage. Buzzfeed processed the data, which analyzed Facebook "likes" and other social information to find trends among products people like and their political leanings.

The chart below shows the spectrum of favorite varieties of alcohol and likeliness to vote for a particular candidate. Among the extremes on the scale, Jim Beam drinkers are most likely to vote for Mitt Romney, while Ciroc drinkers are most likely to vote for Barack Obama. Where do you fall? Do you think their findings are accurate? One thing is for certain, regardless of who you vote for, I think we all need to collectively have a cocktail to celebrate the end of another vicious election - and either celebrate the wins, or try to get over the losses of our favorite candidates. via Buzzfeed via Buzzfeed

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