The Rock is known as one of the biggest movie stars on this planet and had a surprise in store for a Minnesota teen who asked him to prom.

Katie just became the coolest kid at Stillwater Area High School.

The Rock is known for doing all these cool things with his fans. It's a big part of the reason the man has over 100 MILLION followers on Instagram. He's constantly working towards bettering his brand and he's smart about it.

The video above is great for a couple of reasons. First off, you can Katie is a real fan of "The People's Champion" as she's the first person in her classroom to think that the voice on the morning announcements is The Rock. Secondly is the happy tears that start to form when he confirms that it's himself on the mic. That was all before she knew that this message was for herself. Turns out that Katie had asked The Rock to prom, and low and behold he responded! Sadly, Johnson cannot make it for the Stillwater Area Prom, so he decided to do something else for Katie and friends.

Now Katie has a tough task ahead. She gets to invite 232 people with her to her own private screening of The Rock's new movie, RAMPAGE.

Also, RIP to whoever she actually takes to prom. No way you're going to meet expectations now buddy.

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