According to WDIO The 148th Fighter Wing will be conducting some training exercises this weekend so residents  are being alerted to the fact that there will be a lot of activity in the air on Saturday and Sunday. I for one look forward to these exercises because I love to watch them fly around and I do believe that their route usually has them turning around over the lake so I get a nice vantage point.

Sometimes when the air traffic is busier it makes me think back to when I lived in South Minneapolis and I was right in the flight path of planes landing at the airport in Richfield. Now that was loud, but I got used to it and used to sit out on my deck and watch the planes fly over head, I loved it.

Residents may hear increased flying activity from early morning until late in the evening on Saturday.  All jets are expected to land by midnight on Saturday and resume early on Sunday morning. The training will be complete by Sunday afternoon.

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