Almost everyone knows the story by now of the famous racoon who started scaling the MPR building in St. Paul on Tuesday then decided to jump over the the adjacent UBS building. People from all over the country took to Twitter and Facebook to mark her progress.

Thankfully the racoon made it up on top of the roof safely and was captured by some Minnesota Wildlife Officers using a trap and some cat food This now famous super hero raccoon has also inspired some pretty cool fan art as well on Twitter. Here are some of my favorites.

And my favorite one by far.....

All the guys here at the station were laughing saying what is the big deal it's just a racoon, but I think for so many this was a real life play out of hope. Many of the comments I have seen and read talk about how our country is so divided right now and for 1 day this little hungry racoon had a nation cheering for her to get off that building somehow and be safe. Silly? Maybe, but for one day or for an hour or two people all across the country put their worries, troubles and political views aside standing side by side cheering for her to make it!

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