Time Warner's 2013 Super Bowl commercial features some nifty cross promotion with the AMC show 'The Walking Dead.'

In the spot, we meet a family of humans who lives in a house with zombies. Instead of fearing the Walkers, they seem to be keeping them as pets. This causes problems, as the zombies tend to make a mess around the house.

The situation gets exasperated when Daryl Dixon, a character from 'The Walking Dead' played by Norman Reedus, shows up. Dixon's zombie killing instincts kick in and he slays one of the walkers with an arrow to the head, leaving a bloody mess on the wall. "Clean this up," says the long-suffering lady of the house.

The ad promotes Time Warner Cable's ability to let you stream your favorite shows, like 'The Walking Dead,' "in every room and any on screen." And while the spot doesn't mention that the critically acclaimed zombie drama returns Feb. 10th after a two month hiatus, it serves as a reminder to the show's fans that there will be appointment TV next Sunday too.