If you were watching the Super Bowl Sunday night and saw that Dodge Ram 1500 commercial (as seen above) and thought it was a reference to - or a dig on - the Minnesota Vikings, you weren't alone.

The ad, which aired in the first half of Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis depicts a bunch of amped up Vikings singing Queen's "We Will Rock You" while making the arduous journey to Minneapolis, only to discover that "tonight's matchup" featured Philadelphia vs. New England. This prompts some aggressive looks, and the group of Vikings turning around and leaving town.

The last line from the voiceover announcer, saying "Built for the unexpected", takes the company's slogan for the truck and possibly implies an unexpected turn of events at the end of the Minnesota Vikings season. If you want to buy in to the parallels, the commercial could be a depiction of a hard-fought season where there seemed to be a sense of destiny through their journey that simply didn't end the way they expected; where rolling into Minneapolis in celebratory fashion was premature.

Some on Twitter saw this as a shot at the team.

Alternatively, one could make the argument that there is a sense of hope in the commercial. Trying to see the other side in this, you could infer that even though they didn't get to roll into Minneapolis in glory (in their Dodge truck), they seemed energized and ready for the next battle (i.e. the next season). Which one do you think it is? Savage shot at the team, or simply telling a tale with a glimpse of hope in the future?

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