Dr Pepper That’s Just For Men
The new Dr Pepper 10 is only 10 calories and aimed at guys who are to self -conscious to drink "Diet Pop.'  I guess I never knew  guys were afraid to have their man-card revoked if caught with a diet soda? This commercial is hilarious, and hey, it get's the point across. But...
Cute Kids Breakdance for American Apparel’s Mesmerizing New Ad [VIDEO]
Breakdancing gorilla, step aside. We’re all about breakdancing kids now — namely Jalen Testerman and Lil’ Demon, the stars of a new American Apparel ad directed by photographer Tony Kelly. Both are well-known B-boys: in addition to their many live performances, Testerman appeared on ‘Ellen’ at the tender age of six and Lil’ Demon (née Angelo Baligad) had the same honor at seven. We could watch the
Rachel Bilson Likes Ice Cream in New Commercial [VIDEO]
Rachel Bilson would rather be eating ice cream. Or at least she would be in this ad for Magnum Ice Cream. This destined-to-go-viral commercial spoofs a fashion shoot - and also advances the ridiculous notion that a chocolate ice cream bar would be allowed anywhere near a fashion shoot.