A group that encourages healthy eating is saying “no way” to Yoplait.

In the commercial, a woman who does not appear to be overweight debates in her head whether she should treat herself to a piece of raspberry cheesecake in a work refrigerator, which, of course, happens all the time. She then goes back and forth pondering how she can adjust her eating pattern for the day so eating the sugary treat won’t cause too much weight gain.

A few seconds go by before a co-worker, also thin, walks up to the fridge and excitedly announces she’s going to have a Yoplait raspberry cheesecake yogurt. The first woman, totally caught off-guard, then mentions how her colleague has lost weight before grabbing a yogurt herself.

Seeing how some people feel the ad may inadvertently advocate eating disorders, General Mills, which owns Yoplait, has yanked the spot, claiming it’s “simply the right thing to do.” The National Eating Disorders Association is grateful the commercial will no longer run.

The organization’s president, Lynn Grefe, said, “I believe the company had no intent to harm and gained insight into a very serious issue that we hope will influence their marketing decisions in the future.”

Now that we’ve settled this matter, what about the Yoplait commercial that makes husbands look like fools?

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