It was another great week for viral videos that raced their way around the Internet.

We saw the return of 'Double Dream Hands' star John Jacobson, a paralyzed bunny who learned to walk again, a dog trying to walk in boots, a super new kind of crossbow and more.

What were some of your favorite viral videos this week?

Take a look at some of our favorites of the week after the jump.

'Double Dream feet'

Figure skater breaks his nose

Paralyzed Bunny Walks Again With Wheeled Legs

New Beyoncé Video 'Move Your Body' Gets Kids Moving

Aflac Returns With New 'Spokesduck' Voice

Ant vs. spider

Spider attack from Ahmet Ozkan on Vimeo.

Playing DDR and violin at the same time

A dog tries to run in boots

Gatling Slingshot Crossbow