When you were younger didn't your Mom always tell you to stop playing with your food? Well apparently thanks to the #cheesechallenge or the "Wisconsin Baptism as some people are calling it, parents everywhere are playing with their food and tossing it on their toddlers.

Now it is not just any food it is a slice of processed cheese which no surprise is a little bit sticky and rubbery. A man named  Charles Amara who lives in Michigan posted this video (above) on his Facebook page and it has gone viral since. But not everybody thinks this is funny, some of the comments on his page were pretty harsh.

So as with anything like this many other people jumped on board as well taking to Twitter and posting their video's as well using #cheesechallenge. You get the idea, but since this challenge involves little babies I am guessing this will burn out pretty quickly due to all the backlash many of these parents are getting from their videos.

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