According to a Living Social Travel survey of 5,000 tourists, 4,000 who were American, we have been labeled as the "Worst Tourists in the World".

The basis of the survey was "Sticky Fingers." Apparently American Tourists feel that when they are at a hotel it is free reign to take what ever they please.

Now I must admit that I am very fond of the little shampoos and conditioners, but other than that I leave it alone. I have never been tempted to steal one of those Fancy robes, because hence I have never stayed at a hotel that had them. :(

Some of the items taken really baffled me like sheets and pillows. Gross, why would you take used sheets and pillows. I don't even like using them for a night. And remote controls? Really? Unless you have that same TV at your home good luck programming that bad boy.

But, the one that takes the cake is A BIBLE. Who does that? Talk about bad Ju-Ju. Enough said.


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